Thursday, June 7, 2012


Did Y'all think I was going to talk about the really large population of fleas this year? 
              WELLLLL......... I am talking about another type of "Flea Bite".  
 I have no idea when or where this term came about, but I have seen it often.  It refers to a chip on a piece of antique stoneware, or anything with a chip I guess.
This is a picture of a bunch of stone fruit grapes.  I purchased these recently from one of my favorite Picture trail Friends, Pat from Olde Bittersweet Farm.   When I looked at the picture, I noticed that both of those plates are discolored or have a "flea bite" or two!  THEN I started to look around and found that I have quite a few "flea bitten" plates and platters.  I started to wonder why it is that I always buy something that is a little damaged!!!  IF there were two plates the same price and one was perfect and one was damaged, I would probably take the damaged one!  What is up with that, I ask myself.  Myself says    "I have NO idea"   except that, besides the fact that those are usually cheaper, it just looks older and well used.   I especially like the white stoneware plates that have the brown discoloring.  Those are so beautiful to me.   I have instructions on how to bleach out that brown color, but have never used them!  I guess I just like the feeling that these "flea bites" were caused by someone who loved AND used that item enough to try to either fix it, like the large platter above, or just live with it.
It bothers me a lot that we just throw away something that is not perfect or a little damaged.  It becomes that way from use.  Platters and plates are meant to use, not just look at.  If something is still useable, I keep it.....Now THAT drives my husband crazy!!!  I have 2 old blue willow plates that have a broken section out of one side.  The other side looks fine, I wouldn't use it for serving food, but it is a great plate under a plant!  You only see the side that is NOT broken:)  To my fractured brain it looks just great:)
The plates above on the mantle are stuck down with museum wax, just in case we have another earthquake!  Yep I am a goner!!  I just love "orphaned" sheep, plates and platters!

To go to Pat's PT site go to   It is a feast for your eyes!! Her house is so wonderful and inspiring!!!  AND she has great antiques for sale too!!!

Well I am off to spend some time with Mr Swiffer and Mr Dyson!!  dusting and vacuuming!
I hope your day is great!!  And check out, go to the friends album and you will find an unlimited amount of sites to visit including Olde Bittersweet Farm!!!