Thursday, August 1, 2013


YEP  I have been holding out for far too long! At least my family thinks so:)  
Holding out on what you ask?  Well,  you see I am a bit of a purist when it comes to Colonial decor!  I just want it to be as authentic as possible.  It is a little hard to do when I share my home with other people:)  SOOOOOOOO, I finally did it! Yep purchased a new "sectional sofa" for the "tavern" room! I really love it the way it is now.
 I know this isn't exactly a "showplace" but it is comfortable to me:) Unfortunately though, the sofa is 10 ys old and is suffering and sagging!  This year at Christmas we will have all 4 kids and 2 spouses!!YAAAAAY soooo I figured it was time to make a change.  It HAS been a little hard when we have lots of people over since there is not too much room to sit:) Now with the new sofa and a new chair for "the man of the house"LOL we can seat lots more people.
 We both are a little sentimental about this ole sofa but it will go to our bedroom and we will still use it in there:)

In fact that makes me think we need a "re-do" in the bedroom!!
The new furniture is not due to be here until sometime in late Aug or early Sept.  I will share the pics when it all comes together :0)
I suppose there comes a time when I just have to realize that we REALLY don't live in an old home!  If we DID this would be a whole different story! :)