Friday, September 30, 2011


I have been cleaning out my "fall cupboard" and I can't believe how many gourds I have collected over the years!!!  I can't seem to pass up  a cute gourd!!!  They have dried really great and I will try to find time to paint some and maybe sell some on the Picture Trail site.  If I can part with them!  This year I am NOT buying more!!  Well, I will try not to!

Fall is in the air Finally!!!  I even think some of the leaves are starting to change.   I don't remember that happening so early before.  That means it is Apple Time.   Applesauce is on the menu this weekend.  The northwest part of VA is a great place for good ole fresh apples.   Also time to get on over to Starbucks for their caramel apple cider!  Thank goodness for the drive through, I can paint and take a break without having to change out of my work clothes!   This is sometimes a problem, since I often feel the "NEED" for more breaks than usual!

SO take an apple break this weekend and treat yourself to that great caramel apple cider!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

YES Virginia there is a Mother Nature!!!!!

Last week is a week that I will always remember!!  I am sure that I am not alone when I say WHAAAAT?
An earthquake in VA ?????  When I first felt the tremor, I just thought TREMOR!  THEN shaking, crashing and loud noise!!!  I realized that it was at least a category 4 quake.  While we were in the high desert of CA we felt those several times since we were on the San Andreas Fault.  The house really didn't shake and we didn't lose anything to crashing:)  The pots and pans hanging on the  pot rack did rattle a little and that was about it!
  THIS house swayed and stuff crashed in random places.  By the time I decided what to do, it was over, even though it seemed like an hr or more:)  I couldn't believe the power, too bad we can't harness that!!! Our poor dog Charlie is still nervous,  Rowdy was like "Whatever"!!! 

 We were lucky to have minimal losses.  Some antique mirrors fell off the mantle in the bedroom and one of them smashed to pieces the other one was not hurt at all the third one, my favorite with a reverse painting on the top, suffered a clean break so I think I can repair it!  Almost all of the little sheep were just laying down on their shelves just as if they new what to do :)

  NOTE TO SELF next time HANG the mirrors, don't just lean them against the wall!!

The hurricane was scary too and for several nights I left the tv on all night to mask the sounds so that Charlie could settle down some. I have never left the tv on all night, but I think it helped some. With the hurricane behind us and the yard cleared of the fallen limbs and branches, we were on the road to recovery! 

Monday was a great day, but Tuesday was terrible.  
 Around 2:00 in the afternoon Charlie had a horrible seizure!  It scared me to death!  I called the vet and  he said to bring him in when he was over the seizure and calming down.   I threw him in the truck and took off.  Luckily the vet is close by.  The Dr was not sure what caused his seizure, but gave me some anxiety meds for him.  I gave one pill to my poor little boy and I do think it helped. He was a little better and slept all that night.   He seems to be a little better now!  I am watching him like a hawk!!  

My husband was in beautiful Wisconsin through all of Mother Nature's tirade!!! 

This little "Mother Nature Show" has really thrown me off as far as fall decorating and plans go! Hopefully by next week I will have some things to share! 

For now I have some scherenscnitte to share!

Little Girl with Her Bird, painted background in a combed frame
Brother and Sister, painted background with combed frame 

Brother and Sister Parade, painted background, aged frame.
Little Flower Girl, painted background, paint embellished frame.
For more information or to purchase please go to

I hope you all have a safe and peaceful Labor day weekend!