Thursday, November 8, 2012


SOOOOO......  Even though I am a little late,   OK a LOT late  I am still very happy for Fall to finally arrive here in our little spot in VA.
I have been away in GA with my family!  It was soooo great!!  My Mom turned 80, I look closer to 80 than she does,  so we went to Baton Rouge to visit my mom's oldest friend Ella.  They are so cute, it was just as if they just had coffee under Ella's huge tree next door to my parents in Atlanta just yesterday!!!   We ate our brains out!! Ella is the BEST cajun cook in the world! :)  Also her wonderful son and daughters came with wonderful food, we hardly left the table.  I loved every minute of it!  
When we got back to my Mom's, it was time to work on my niece's wedding.  She worked on it for a whole year and it was sooo beautiful!! I got to help with the little final arrangements, tying bows on things and stuffing popcorn in bags and  little loose end things.  We had our nails done and laughed for at least 3 weeks worth! Shoo I had to come back to VA to get some rest.  I miss them so much, I tried to get all of them to move to VA with me, but no way that's happening LOL   I also had the chance to have lunch with about 16 of my high school friends, I haven't seen them in 43 years!  I enjoyed it so much!  I was never able to come to any class reunions. 
OH I DO GO ON!!!  
BUT seriously, friends are so important in our lives.  I don't have a friend like my Mom's Ella, but I do have lots of wonderful friends.  Some of them are "Cyber Friends",  like y'all !  Even though we live in a town with lots of history,  it seems there are just a few of us prim decorators left. Maybe Prim and History don't really go together. We do have lots of great antique stores so there are a few kindred spirits around.   I find myself shopping on ebay a lot, mostly to get a feel for prices and whats selling.  It is one way to do that without driving all over the place just looking :) Now I don't know about y'all, but when it comes to antiques I have ZERO self control!!  I bought a few things from an ebay seller, Lyn Kay Shoppe, that I loved!  She is the one that told be about picturetrail, check her site out at  I fell in love with it!  I was so excited to see so many wonderful houses!  I started mine, www.picturetrail/tansyanniestudio, but my house is nothing compared to some of my "friends" houses!  Anyway to finally get to my point,  I have "met" sooooo many wonderful friends! People that I actually have things in common with and understand that wonderful feel of something very primitive and not perfect.   I look forward to checking on them almost everyday:)  The blogs are fun too.  It is if they are my next door neighbors!  Go to my "friends" album to see all of the wonderful homes!
I seem to have missed fall decorating, so I plan to jump right on over to Christmas! :0)
Here are a few pictures of my fast fall decorating:)  I LOVE real things from nature, especially things I can stick cloves into!  Look for the pear with cloves:)

 This adorable little treen plate is from Olde Bittersweet Farm.  It was made my Pat and Don Gaddy! Check them out on picturetrail!  They design and make wonderful things!!!