Wednesday, September 12, 2012


The Picture above was taken from the financial district in NYC near the site of where the towers once stood.
I have had a hard time with blogger lately!  Also finding the time to settle down enough to write
 Here I am, a whole day late!  
I thought I would share my "9-11" story.  I know that we all remember exactly where we were on that sad, sad day.

So my 9-11 story actually started the weekend before.  You see, I went to an antique store that weekend!  It is located about an hour and  a half from home.  There was an adorable print that I really wanted, but I was trying to be oh so practical!  SOOOOO I decided that I really didn't need it.  I went home and that print just kept nagging me! Does that ever happen to you?   I decided that I would just HAVE to go get it!!!  So on Tuesday it was a beautiful clear and cool day!  The first cool day in a long time!  I said to myself..... Self go on down and get that print!:)
I started out early that day, about 8:15.  I was rolling down the road, windows open, enjoying the wonderful cool weather, in the anticipation about whether the print was still there or not, singing to my favorite country music station.  There was an interruption by the DJ that said a plane had just hit one of the towers.  As a flight attendant, I flew through there a lot.  I thought  OH NO!! It is a wonder that hasn't happened before, thinking that it was probably a small plane with a disoriented pilot.   I  listened to hear more.  I was about 15 minutes from the Antique Store when the DJ said that another plane hit the other tower!!!!  I was stunned!!   My first thought was WE are at WAR!!!!   When I got to the store it was just opening and mostly empty.  I heard their radio say that a plane hit the Pentagon! All I could think was to get home as fast and I could!  I did decide to run find the print that I came so far to get!  (was that wrong? I felt guilty for doing something fun at such a horrible time) Anyway I left the store and  my fear turned to anger!!!  I walked into the house and immediately put out every American Flag we had!!!  I know that others felt the same because soon almost all the houses in the neighborhood had their flags flying!!
I came back into the house just as the phone rang, it was my Husband in Hawaii.  He was still an active duty Marine at that time.   He didn't know what had happened, I told him and he turned on his TV and said "I gotta go!! Love you!
As it turned out, originally he was to be at the Pentagon that day but the trip to Hawaii came up so he sent a staff  from his office, some civilians and some military to attend the meeting that was  planned.  Now Husband George decided to go to GA to visit his Mom and fly out to Hawaii from Atlanta!  If he had flown out of DC he would have been on the flight that hit the pentagon!  He flew on that flight often.
His staff at the Pentagon were all safe as the meeting was at the opposite end from the crash, thank goodness!  I have never experienced such a feeling.  The trains that we usually hear were quite.  My Husband was stuck in Hawaii and our daughter was at school under a lock down (she teaches music).
  Everything was eerily quite, even the phone didn't ring, no one could get through.  That night thankfully our daughter got home and I was able to get in touch with the other kids.  All we could hear was the sound of helicopters flying to DC from nearby Military Bases!  It sounded like the soundtrack for an episode of MASH!!
 Such a sad scary time.
When I finally unwrapped the print a few days later it said "Innocence" on the bottom!  I wondered if there would ever be innocence in the world again.  I look at that print every day and remember.

This is the print.
As I write this today I am watching CNN hearing about the horrible attack on our Embassy in Libya.  I am more interested than ever since our son left yesterday for the middle east with a 50 man unit, on their way to a Navy base.  They are a team of Marines that are "first responders" to help secure areas such as that Embassy.  We don't know if he will be sent there or not.
Please pray for all of our service members and for our country!