Monday, November 24, 2014


 Its been a while my friends! We have had a crazy summer! 
After returning from Japan in May I came home to a new kitchen!! I knew this was being done while I was away and kept up with things via facetime.  It was finished by July, with a few touchups to be done.  July 4th our son from CA came home for a family reunion. He started to feel a little bad by the 8th when he was visiting friends in DC, he came home on the 9th and we were to go to NC on the 10th! Instead of going to NC we ended up in the ER at our local hospital and he was diagnosed with Leukemia!!!  We were so shocked!!! ANYWAY, long story short he was taken by helicopter to VCU Hospital in Richmond and is still home.  He is doing great and has 1more Chemo treatment. Sooooo here I am very late with my lil blog:)
 I have been having camera problems, so I decided to share my stitching room since I already have pictures of it.
 This is a tiny room that was once my husband's office.  Even though it is small,  I have managed to get quite a lot of my favorite things in here! I was planning to change the wall color, however, I just didn't get around to it! I like the color so its ok.  I really need to get to making a window rag to go over those blinds!
 This is a twin bed, which isn't great now that our family has grown so much! We need a larger one in here, but I am reluctant to give up the space:)

I really love this little fireplace mantle. It  is a great addition to my little room:)

Of course, I need a small TV so that I can watch all of the Hallmark movies while I stitch away:)

This is my sweet little rocker that was on the screened porch! I love having it in my little room!
I suppose eventually I will have to give up this twin for a queen size, but I am putting it off as long as possible:)  I have been known to take a little rest and watch an old movie in here:)

I have been working on some punch needle projects, its so fun.  I will share those later!
I hope you are all safe a warm and NOT buried in snow!
Happy Thanksgiving!!!