Monday, December 10, 2012


How often are we actually  moved to tears?  Well I am a lot these days, but I blame that on hormones:) LOL
A simple kindness makes me teary eyed!  I had that wonderful experience just yesterday!!! 
SOOO here I am sick with a really bad cold, trying to get some decorating done.  I worked awhile, sat awhile, felt better, worked some more, but still didn't get that much done!!! All that time, I am listening to the Army Navy game, where my husband was and I was supposed to be but felt too bad to go!  In the distance I can hear cannon fire from the re-enactment of the Battle of Fredericksburg.  Those two sounds were so strange together.  I put the TV on mute and listened to the sounds of the civil war.  I was thinking that this is how it felt for the people in town that stayed in their homes during the war.  That must have been so scary to them especially since it is the beginning of the Christmas Season when they probably expected to hear Christmas Carols instead.  Since I was basically feeling sorry for myself, I kept saying to myself  "Self just think how lucky you are that you have never had to face such a horrible challenge such as a war practically in your own backyard.  You have NO RIGHT to be sad at all!!!  While I know that is true, I still felt a little sad, probably because I felt a lot sick too:)  It was late afternoon and I can hear the mailman coming, I looked outside and he was binging a box and the mail to the door.  Now I am thinking what in the world did I order that I forgot about.  I opened the door and we talked for a bit, then I went inside to go through the mail.  First I looked at the box, the return address was Pat Gaddy!!!  I was a little confused thinking that I KNOW if I had ordered from Pat and Don that there is NO WAY I would forget that!!!  SOOOOO I opened that box and in there was a beautiful painting!!  NOTHING could have better!!!
This is a very bad picture of me, but it shows the wonderful painting from Pat!!!
I am sure some of you have been to Pat and Don's site, Olde Bittersweet Farm on picturetrail, if you haven't you need to go right now:)
Pat and I love the works of Rufus Porter, a New England Artist from the 1800's.  Some of you might know his work too. This is a painting she did and sent it to me!  I just couldn't believe my eyes, especially since I had tears streaming down my poor wrinkled face :)  This is a true act of kindness!
I instantly felt better! and immediately looked around for the perfect place to hang it so that I can see it everyday!!!
This is where it ended up:
This is just above a pie safe in the tavern room and I can clearly see it!!  I will look at it every day and smile a big smile!!!

I hope that someday I will be able to make someone else have a happy day like mine was.  I will think on it!
I will think of this as my own "Christmas Story" one of kindness and caring.
What is your story?  I hope it is wonderful!