Saturday, June 15, 2013


It all started with an e-mail about a fund raiser for one of the Historic Churches in our area.  They needed vendors.  Sooooooo I called my good friend Susan and asked if she would like to rent a space to sell some antiques and handmade items.  Since we have never done this before we planned and talked about how to set up and decorate!  We were having so much fun planning.  We got all of our antiques and items that we made together, and finally arrived a prices.
Susan hand carves the cutest Santas! 

 She also hooks wonderful rugs! 

The pictures really don't do them justice! They are so cute!
  I had painted boxes, hand painted paper covered boxes, and cloth covered and aged journals but mostly antiques to sell.

Here we are all set up!
This is my Husband and Susan.
Looks good Right?   WRONG!!!  
First we didn't bring tents in case of rain, the weather said partly cloudy SOOOOO it rained cats and dogs!! WE WERE SOAKED!LOL
Luckily our Husbands came to the rescue and brought tents.  That was Great!

UHHHH.....YEP THAT is a Bar B Q truck there behind us!  To the side was a truck called Beach Fries!
You guessed it, they placed us at the very back of the field BEHIND the food vendors!!!  No one knew we were there!  Finally the coordinator for the event came around and found us, She apologized for the placement.  I think she felt really bad.  This was the first time they planned an event and for some reason thought people would go to the food and see us.  The DJ came by and then went to make an announcement  that we were there. We did finally see a few people but we sold.... NOT ONE THING!
 We just ate Great bar b que and enjoyed the rain!  I did hate having to load all of that stuff up and take it back home!  I STILL have things on the dining room table that I need to find a place for.
The lady that coordinated the event did call and gave us a free space and the best spot for next year! I thanked her and took it, but we are not sure we will try this again:)
The good news is that the event did raise a little money for the church! We are glad for that!

The Moral of the Story?  Don't pay until you know where you will be placed so that you won't have an "Un-sale"!!!
Go out and have a GREAT day!!!!!