Wednesday, February 29, 2012


As y'all may have read on this blog before, I work as a guide in the Mary Washington House.  The house belonged to the Mother of George Washington.
Well sometimes I just sit in there and wonder what it was like in 1772 when Mary moved to town from her farm a few miles away.  I was also thinking how peaceful it is without the sound of the heat kicking on or the refrigerator ice falling down.
Today is is a cold rainy day!  I love these rainy days, but today I turned off all of the lights just to see how it would be without electricity!  It was so dark that the camera would not take the picture with the flash off! I didn't get very good pictures but here are the ones I took.

I couldn't get a good representation of how dark and rainy it is.

Even with candles and some flash on the camera it is still pretty dark but not as dark as it really was.
I suppose the next time I complain about the electric bill I will remember what it might be like without electricity!   AND THE PLUMBING of that time!!!  We all know about privies but did you know that in that time, at least here in VA, the only months they bathed were June, July, and August!!!  That includes their hair as well!!  They were very afraid of catching the consumption (bad cold) that they felt it was only safe to immerse yourself into a bath tub in those hot months!  I may have mentioned this before, but I have to say it again:)
SOOOOOOO as I sit here and wait for my left over pizza to heat up, the one that was delivered to our door last night, I have decided that I was meant to LIVE in an old home WITH electricity, plumbing, internet, cable...... well you get the picture:)
I will go now and turn on a few lights and get out the electric vacuum cleaner and get to work!
I hope you have a great day today!!

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bettyj said...

I love this post. What I could see this is a beautiful home, and you are blessed to be able to be a docent there. I am with you, I want the best of both worlds, but I love my present day amenities. I was w/o electricity for 5 days once during a snow, and I don't complain anymore about the
Loved this post