Saturday, April 14, 2012


We are back from a very fast moving trip to GA, while we were gone all the leaves came out on the trees and I realized how dark it is in the house!!  Plants on the mantle are out of the question.  SOOOO I decided to break down and use "faux" plants!  Normally I don't like ANYTHING fake!  BUT I have to say that the newer fake or faux plants are not too bad.  I remember going through a silk flower stage in the late 70's making loads of grapevine wreaths with silk flowers on them.  Then there were the straw hats with the silk flowers around the brim and hung on the front door!  Wow that was a long time ago!  Now I might keep the faux plants on the mantle inside, just to get some green in there!
Here are some pictures:

 There are also the dried pineapples!  I just love those! I have NO idea why!  When we lived in the desert there was a grocery store in Palm Springs that sold tiny pineapples!  I never saw the little ones before and so I decided to dry them in the sun!  Well in the desert that only took a couple hours!  I have since dried one or two every year.  Now I don't see them anymore, but I still use the dried ones I have!
Bringing the outdoors in has always been one of my favorite things! This house, however, is not so good for it other than pots and cement animals!
If you are looking for some "greens" in your home, check out the newer faux plants!


earlene said...

It looks very pretty!
Happy Spring

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Hi Annie is it???
First I want to thank you for becoming one of my followers...the numbers are growing and I'm going to have a give away when I reach 1,000 - now I know I don't get 1,000 readers but none the less, that's the number! lol

Now on to the 'faux' flowers....I use only them in the house and I must say they are as real looking as they can get.
Over the past few years they have become so real looking and the feel is even different.
I never thought I'd use them either because of the flimsy rough edged ones from the beginning of the 'faux fad'.

Your decorating is wonderful!