Monday, July 9, 2012


Last week we had "History Camp" at our  Preservation Virginia Properties.  We played a game with the kids during down times.  It was..... If you had to choose between NO electricity and NO plumbing and water which one would you choose?  Most chose to keep plumbing and water!

 Over the weekend I had the chance to ask myself that same question!  We had terrible storms that knocked out our electricity for 3 days!!!  Storms were predicted so I decided to power up all of my favorite electronics, cell phone, computer and kindle fire!  I really didn't expect to lose power since we hardly ever do, our power lines are all underground, but if a tree falls on a connecting power line we go dark.  I am glad I "powered up"!! Because we lost power Fri night!  I was lucky that our house held the cool air most of the time.  It was really hot, about 103, heat index, I don't remember, but it was HIGH:)  I sat on the screened porch and drank gallons of water!!  I had lots time to contemplate the Colonial era, it was just me and the dogs and they were not talking!  

What did those people really do with alllll of that time!!!  NO computer!! or tv?  I found myself doing things that I  loved to do, but never take the time for!  I brought out my water colors and painted, then I brought out the oils and painted!  Then I walked through the yard and picked lots of flowers!!

SOOOOOOO I guess I would say "I CHOOSE PLUMBING AND WATER" especially if it is not well water, since you can't get water when the power is off :)  I grew up with well water and loved the taste, but when there were power outages we couldn't flush !! To this day if we are in an outage, I still think twice before flushing!

Everything is back to normal now with minimal damage to our Historic Properties and almost all of the houses in the neighborhood.  Sadly that is not the case in some areas.  Hopefully the affected folks will be back to normal soon.

I hope your summer is great! 
Take time to do things that you love, even if the power is not off!

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earlyamerica 1815 said...

Hi Vicky...I have to say, I loved this post!! I am glad to see that there are still a few other folks like me out there...I find it refreshing to "get away" from all of the modern conveniences at times, so a couple of days without power doesn't really bother me...just as long as it isn't out for too long! :) Your flowers are beautiful and how fun it must have been to get back into your painting!! Good for you...maybe you can show us some of the things you worked on???? I also loved your stone grapes...we certainly do have alot in common, don't we?

Thanks so much for sharing...enjoy your day, Tina