Thursday, August 1, 2013


YEP  I have been holding out for far too long! At least my family thinks so:)  
Holding out on what you ask?  Well,  you see I am a bit of a purist when it comes to Colonial decor!  I just want it to be as authentic as possible.  It is a little hard to do when I share my home with other people:)  SOOOOOOOO, I finally did it! Yep purchased a new "sectional sofa" for the "tavern" room! I really love it the way it is now.
 I know this isn't exactly a "showplace" but it is comfortable to me:) Unfortunately though, the sofa is 10 ys old and is suffering and sagging!  This year at Christmas we will have all 4 kids and 2 spouses!!YAAAAAY soooo I figured it was time to make a change.  It HAS been a little hard when we have lots of people over since there is not too much room to sit:) Now with the new sofa and a new chair for "the man of the house"LOL we can seat lots more people.
 We both are a little sentimental about this ole sofa but it will go to our bedroom and we will still use it in there:)

In fact that makes me think we need a "re-do" in the bedroom!!
The new furniture is not due to be here until sometime in late Aug or early Sept.  I will share the pics when it all comes together :0)
I suppose there comes a time when I just have to realize that we REALLY don't live in an old home!  If we DID this would be a whole different story! :)


Jeanne said...

Can't wait to see the new sofa....I've always loved your tavern room. It looks so colonial. It's hard to decorate the way you want when the people you live with don't "get it"...LOL. You're doing a great job though.

Karen said...

You are right in the same spot we were 3 months ago...our sofa was 8 years old...the one long cushion was trashed (on the underside - the good side I left down and turned it over to the good side for, anyway we decided the 'true colonial' look just was not going to happen here either - we needed something less restricted for sitting - so we ended up with a lovely leather sofa with a sort of colonial look to it.
I still think you will have the look you want...being a purist is very difficult to achieve if you don't want to have relatives and friends to relax while visiting.
You made the right choice for your lifestyle.
Can't wait to see the changes.
Oh...we could not bear the thought of losing our sofa either so it's now mine for my den. A win-win.

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