Thursday, May 26, 2011

Spring and Rebirth!

For the last week or two, the baby birds have flown their nests!  They are soooo cute!  We give the bluebirds meal worms and they just love them!  Did you know that if you whistle the same melody every time that you put out the worms, the bluebirds will come down to eat them!!!  When we were told that we thought OK and just decided that the lady that told us that was just a little "out there".   We decided to just give it a try though and so my husband would whistle a tune and take out the worms.  Would you believe that after about three or four times the birds would swoop down to a limb and wait for us to put the worms into the worm box!!  We were soooooo excited:)  That year there were four babies and they survived! THEY even came to the whistle!  It sort of felt like we were going to be dive bombed they swooped down so fast!  It was great fun and I looked forward to it everyday!  It wasn't until this year that we had another successful hatching so now we are outside whistling to the new little birds like crazy people:) Luckily our neighbors love us:)
This picture is of the parent birds getting the worms for the new babies!
This rebirth of spring is so sweet and fun, but I have had a little bit of a hard time writing about our house when so many people have lost everything!!  I am so sad that they are having to go through such a horrible situation.  Mother Nature seems so harsh this year!!  I am not at all sure that I could stand to loose all of my "stuff"  I think of the little sheep and the antique samplers and bears that I love so much!  They are almost like people to me!!   I am a little worried about my Picture Trail friends, I know that some of them are in the midwest.  All we can do is say prayers for all of those folks and hope they will find peace soon.  I am sure if it came right down to it, that the safety of our loved ones would win out over the material things, but I think that I will follow the example set by my PT friend Tina of Early America, The1815 Shoppe!  She is going to place her sheep collection near the basement door! 
Check out Tina's shop and blog at  Also check out! (thats me:))

 I hope all of you have a wonderful Memorial Day and please remember our Troops and Veterans.  This is a picture of our service members!  Our son is  a Marine Captain and his girlfriend is a Naval Officer!!  We are soooo proud of them!

Until next time please be safe!
Tansy Annie!

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