Thursday, May 19, 2011

Welcome to my Un-Farmhouse!!!!

What IS an Un-Farmhouse you ask?  Well that is what I call our vinyl clad house that was built in 1982!
Since childhood I have wanted an old Farmhouse somewhere in the Georgia country side or the North Georgia Mountains!!  Preferably an old Townhouse in downtown Atlanta AND and farmhouse in the Mountains!!!:)
After graduating from High school and 2 years of college I set out to search for my "Perfect" Farmhouse but instead I found a cute Marine!!  Off I went to CA then to Okinawa, VA, NC, RI and all over the place!  We moved 15 time in 20 years!  Luckily I loved moving because there was always a challenge to make it feel like our home.  We lived in Base housing and rental properties, naturally I didn't like any of them:)!! We would just throw all 4 kids, dogs, cats and plants into the cars take off to our next duty station!
In the 80s it was popular to use sheets or fabric to decorate our homes.  We would plaster them up with starch!!  Instant wall paper!!  It would then pull off with just a little tug!  Since I am more country than rock n roll I felt the need for tea stains and stencils!  Soooo I took muslin, tea stained it, cut it into strips and stenciled a border on it, slapped it up around the room and it was done! The best thing was that we could just take it off and use it in the next place!  Now we are retired in VA and NO Farmhouse!!!  So I have been on a mission to age the 1982 house!
This is how the un-farmhouse began!  I hope that you will like this blog and send your comments and techniques for "aging" and how they worked in your home!!
YAAAAAAY ...The first post for this new blog!  I plan to be inspired by ya'll and I hope to inspire some of you!


Tansy Annie Studio said...

Just found your site..My house is 42 years old and working on aging since then. Currently working on the keeping room which has been a project since we gutted the entire down stairs of a colonial. I am not familiar with blogging but maybe I will learn. In the meantime I noticed a resemb
Jun. 18, 2011 By:

Tansy Annie Studio said...
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Tansy Annie Studio said...

resemblance to your home (colors and front sidelights. Is it mustard mine is Old Village Paint and this summer will get to finnish the side lights, front door and side fencing. Love your dog, what kind is she and what color is your front door. Will look forward t interacting TRANSFERRED FROM PICTURETRAIL
Jun. 18, 2011 By:

Tansy Annie Studio said...

Need to get pictures of homes also. Inside and out and gardens.
Jun. 21, 2011 By: Kay
I am with Deb. get rid of the carpet. We just moved and the home has cream carpet, it is going to go. I am buying a barn wood from Amish and putting on my walls in my family room to look like a log cabin. I love dark grayish brown colors on my walls. I love primitives. The more dings the bette ~~TRANSFERRED FROM PICTURETRAIL~~

Tansy Annie Studio said...

Hi Deb, Thanks for the great advice!! I hope you don't mind but I copied to the blog. If you are not good with that I will take it off! We have done lots of those things! Especially the carpets! I LOVE hardwood floors!!
Jun. 3, 2011 By: Vicky ~ ~ Tansy Annie Studio
Great idea! I have used lots of wood, old and aged new. Get rid of your carpet. Pick a period you like and stick with it. Simple is always best, but I tend to be a hoarder. I like it mostly primitive, the older the better. I love the dirty gray paints. Replace new doors with old ones.