Tuesday, July 19, 2011

About that porch......

Good Morning!!
Whoever said "Time Flies" knew what they were talking about!

 Somehow I have lost about 2 weeks.  So here is what has been going on!   My husband and I ACTUALLY TOOK A VACATION!!!  We hardly ever go away for very long.  We both hate to leave our babies, which are the two dogs y'all see in my pictures all the time:).  BUT we have a wonderful friend who started a pet sitting business a few years ago and she is great so we decided to give her a call and see if she had any openings, she did,  so we toke off!  

Since we settled on Maine for our little get away, I thought I would brave the heat and see the beautiful North East!   It WAS SOOOOO beautiful.  We left on a Wed. and stayed in Saratoga Springs NY, which was a really cute town, then on to a small town in Maine called Auburn.  I loved that little town although it was a little depressed as the mills have all closed, soooo sad.  

This is Auburn!

These are the views from our hotel room, we walked along a little path that went by this river an took tons of pictures!
I loved the water!! it looked so pure!!!!

The next day was  my favorite of all!!  Driving through Maine was the most fun and the scenery was great!  AND GET THIS!!! :D  ALLLLL of the houses were different and most were OLD!!!  I did notice that most of the porches were~~~ you guessed it ~~ BLUE!!!!   They were well maintained and loved!  We took the back roads along the coast and I couldn't believe all the antique stores!  My "antique store radar" was going off every 2 or 3 SECONDS!  We didn't go into even one because our little car that only seats 2 was full already!  But we have decided to go back and take the TRUCK:)

Our destination was way up on the boarder with Canada and it was really cool and beautiful!
It was cloudy when we got there
The wind was blowing designs in the water!!
These are views from the deck of the little cottage we stayed in! 

We didn't want to ever leave:) 

The only thing I found a little strange was that there were no sounds 
AT ALL  during the night.   I missed the frogs croaking and the lightin bugs that are so much a part of our Southern Summers!

We saw beautiful Acadia National Park and spent some time with good friends.  
Our trip came to an end and we headed out to West Point NY and then home to VA!
 As we all know it is great fun to take a vacation, but it is GREAT to get back home:)

As you might have guessed by now,  the porch is still not completely finished! SOOOO back to work soon, probably not today though, its my day to work in the gift shop at the wonderful
Mary Washington House, George Washington's mother's home.

I have gone on tooo long about our trip but I just had to share:)

I hope you have a great day, and if you get the chance, go out and see our beautiful country, it is all out there waiting for your visit!!

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