Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I think that all the seasons are my "favorites"!! But there is something a little tranquil about fall.  I love going through the old magazines and planning Thanksgiving and Christmas!!  This year however, we are planning a new room on the house and a Wedding!!!  Yep our daughter is getting married in a beautiful park overlooking the Hudson river!  She always wanted a fall wedding and here it is!!!  I can't wait to see the decorations our other daughter will be doing for the tables!  I know it will all be great!!  

SOOO about that room!  Well my husband desperately needed an office so we decided to bite the bullet and build one!  Hopefully when the room is finished we can talk about some AGING,  since I wanted this to be an informative blog:)  I seem to be the only aging so far:) 
This will be an outside door for his meetings, so that the visitors don't have to go through the house and face 2 big, but sweet, baking dogs!!

Hoping this tree will survive!

the inside.

This room will be off the "tavern" room, so now that room will be a little dark SO we may add windows to that room, NOW the front door looks terrible!! SO looking for new door, which leads to the inside of the porch!  We will be adding ceiling fans to that!!  I am a Southern Girl after all so I need to porch sit on both the front and back!!  Not sure when I will have TIME for all that sittin but at least it will be there!! In the cool weather,  a hot flash gives me the excuse to sit outside:)

The part I like the most will be the tin roof! Pictures will be coming as soon as it is on:)

The problem here is ~~ Do we decorate the office like the Tavern Room or give it its own personality?  We will enter the office from the house through the Tavern Room!  Where the windows are now, will be openings with pocket doors.  Not the best design but hopefully it will work.  I am guessing we will
 NEVER be able to sell this house!  It will surely be DIFFERENT:) 

I hope everyone has a great Fall day!!

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