Thursday, January 26, 2012


SOOOOOOOO,  I NEED to get busy, cleaning out closets and cupboards repaint the stairs touch up the doors finish the 2nd coat of paint in the office, AND don't EVEN mention my poor little studio!!!  

SOOOOOOO, what am I doing, yep just sitting in the tavern room "thinking"!!!  That is important to do too, right?   I got up early with the greatest of intentions to really get to work!! BUT I  got my coffee lit my candles and just enjoyed watching the beginning of the day!   There is just something so beautiful about the light coming in through the windows, even if it isn't the sun.  I love to hear the birds singing.  It makes me wonder what this area was like in the 1800's.  I guess working at the Mary Washington House museum (The home of George Washington's Mom), sort of gets me wondering about the 1800's.  We live on Clairborn Creek, which was an encampment for the, dare I say Yankee, calvary.  We find bullets and our neighbor found some brass buttons!! Imagine those things still here after all that time!  I always say I was meant to live in that era, but when I think of NO indoor plumbing, NO snuggly claw foot tub, and only bathing during the months of June, July, and August.  I realize I was just meant to live in an OLD house in the 21st century:)  I am not "woman" enough to live like the Colonial women!!
SOOOOOO here I go procrastinating AGAIN!!!

Not so great but you get the idea:)

Nice light in the new office, I love the big windows!!
I thought this was kinda cool :)
Here are a couple pictures that I took this morning, I am having trouble with my camera so they are not great!
OK I am outa here!!
Hope your day is great and take a minute to "Listen to the Birds"!!


BumbleBeeLane said...

Yes daydreaming a little in the early morning is good for the soul.Warm Blessings!~Amy

jennifer768 said...

Oh my I love your pics! I agree with Amy ...daydreaming is good for the soul.Hugs,Jen

Constance said...

I love your home! I admit I'm a little too dreamy myself. My day job seems to take way too much from me but my best thoughts come when I have a morning at home to postpone chores and imagine. By the way I hadn't even thought to light my candles this morning! Take care,

Jeanne said...

The office turned out so what you did.