Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Winter, where ARE YOU!!!

I wish winter would really come!!!  I thought it was January, isn't that a winter month?  So far we have only had one afternoon of snow and it didn't stick.  I can live with the "no-sticking" but I would love to see a little falling, ok ALOT falling!!!!

 OK, no more complaining.  I thought I would share the finished office project!
 The sheetrock is finished and we are working on the ceiling.

just a shot of the bead board in the process of the faux finishing and aging.

 finally on the ceiling!! with the fake beams, which are painted with brown paint then pulled out with the brush, that lets the grain show through.
The cabinets are installed and the floors are in!!  The cabinets were made by the contractor, not the greatest, but my husband LOVES them:)   The floors are lumber from Lowes that was sanded and stained, then coated with poly.

The  office has been great, we finally have all the electronics hooked up and he is moved in!  It took a LONG time, it seems anyway, but it is finished and in use!
NOW I get to work on the little room that his office was in originally!  That will be a process too!!  THAT I am looking forward to since it needs paint and everything, I am thinking of a really primitive wall finish.  I will share it all when I complete the plan!

We are very busy at the Mary Washington House this Jan.  the gift shop is closed and we will be working on the inventory!  I have spent several DAYS trying to put together a list of volunteers in a format that all of the volunteers can open in their e-mail.  I finally found a calendar template to use!!  I am not real savvy when it comes to the computer, but this has been fun to figure out!
Volunteers are so important to our historic homes here in Fredericksburg!!  We share our love of great old homes! And it is so neat to be standing in the home where George Washington last saw his Mom before he became President.  She knew that he was to be the First President of our Country but didn't live to see him in office!!   She was a strong woman in Colonial times, even in our time!!  Widowed at a young age with 5 children to raise and a farm to keep up!!  She chose not to remarry, which was usually done in that time, and ran the farm on her own up to the age of 64, when Her eldest son, George, convinced her to move to town!!!  She lived to the age of 87! Not very many people in that era lived to that age!  WHAT A WOMAN:)
Sorry I got on a "Mary Washington" tangent:) LOL
Anyway I am off to work on some inventory!! 
Volunteering is a great gift! Why not volunteer today:)
Happy Jan. and I hope you are getting some snow in your area!


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Jeanne said...

Wow!! the room looks wonderful. All your hard work paid off. Can't wait to see it fully decorated.