Tuesday, March 19, 2013


For years and years my friends and I have painted eggs!  Wooden, paper mache', and real!!  Aging is the most fun part to me.  Sooooooo I have buried some wooden eggs in the front yard!  My thoughts are that they will get wet and dry and wet and dry, then crack! This works pretty well EXCEPT.....When you can't find them all!! I love it when they crack just a little, just enough to look old:)   I KNOW  that I "planted" 6, but I can only find 4!! I am pretty sure the squirrels aren't interested in them, so I will keep digging around!
Here are some of the wooden eggs:

  These are some of my favorites, the cracks don't show
                                           up too well.  

These are some of the real ones that I did years ago!  They still look good!  I think that I had these on last year too.

                                           They are darker than they appear in this picture.

These were done with some weeds from the yard and rubber bands.  Just wet the egg a little and place the weed on, then cover with panty hose tightly. I left them in the dye for quite a while.  The dye is onion skins and tumeric.  You can use about anything including regular dyes.  I didn't blow out these eggs.  I read some history of the Pysanky eggs (Ukrainian Easter Eggs) and they didn't blow them out.  I decided to try it and I think it works great!  I have had them since about 1994.  I store them in an old egg crate and when I first take them out I can smell a slight odor, but once out in the air it goes away.  I think that they are stronger too. 

Well I am off to dig in the yard some more to try to find my missing wooden eggs!

Have a Happy day !!!!!!!!!!!


earlene said...

Love the look of them!!! but had to chuckle about hunting in the yard and you can't find 2. We have an egg hunt every year with grands and last Fall we found the 2 that kids missed.
hopefully no snow this Easter for the hunt.

Jeanne said...

Beautiful the blues. Thanks for the inspiration...I need to try this.

Mugwump Woolies said...

These are all wonderful...but the brown ones are so gorgeous! I'm going to have to try this!

Karen said...

What an interesting post.
You have done your eggs in ways I've not seen before.
They are just beautiful.

Tansy Annie Studio said...

Thank you for such sweet comments! Earlene that is so cute. I hope you have a sunny day this year! Y'all be sure to try these. It is soooo fun. I will be glad to answer any questions:)
Have fun!!

Gayle said...

I dyed eggs with onion skins and plants many years ago, but every year when I got them out one or two had broken so I finally threw them all out. Maybe I should try again because they sure are pretty!

A Primitive Homestead said...

Very prim pretty eggs. Good luck digging for your eggs. Blessings! Lara

Pendleton Primitives said...

Just lovely!

jennifer768 said...

Very pretty eggs!So funny about the missing two.I would love to try this out.Hugs,Jen