Monday, April 21, 2014


Hello all, I thought that I would share some of my time here in Japan with you!  
These are beautiful cherry trees that line most of the streets! This is near our daughter in law's townhouse.  The side walks are wide and so clean you could eat off of them! That goes for the streets too!!  AMAZINGLY CLEAN!
I would have to say that I am enjoying the food a lot!!!
The sushi is wonderful and is delivered, not by a waitress!!! BUT via conveyer belt:)  Yep it goes around the cafe and you can either just take what you like, or you may order using an ipad type device. Either way it is delivered on a little train that looks like a dragon that comes  around on the conveyer belt and stops at your table!!
Then there is Korean Bar B Que!!! De-lish!!!
This is raw meat that comes thinly sliced.  It is cooked by you right at the table on this lil grill! At first I was  thinking that I was gonna be hungry, BUT it was surprising how full I was!  Then there was the wonderful rice and sauces to dip into right at the table along with a hot water tap and some powdered green tea, that I think is called Matka!!! Real fun and filling!!!:)
We also went out for ramen noodles! This was sooooo good, great comfort food:)  This is ordered from a vending type machine.
This is where we ordered and paid, then it was delivered to the table. Soooo efficient:)
This past weekend we went to Kamakura, this is pretty much a touristy place because of the "Great Buddha" !! When our daughter in law mention visiting I was thinking uhhhh ok:) I LOVED HIM!
We were able to attend a short tea ceremony, which I was soooo excited about! 
Here we are being served our tea, after being served a little small sweet cookie shaped like a little bird.

Just outside the park are several snack stores.  These are sweet potato and green tea ice cream! Sounds strange, but sooooo good!!!!
 We walked to a Hawaiian restaurant, near the beach, for good ole "American Hamburgers"!! 
It was pretty cold and cloudy but no worries, there are vending machines all over that have this wonderful warm drink:
Royal Milk Tea!!! soooooo good!! not tooo sweet but delish!!  

Then back on the quiet, spotless comfortable train and onto a bus, then we are back home!
A wonderful Easter Sunday!

So far there are mostly modern buildings, haven't seen any antique stores (thank goodness :))!
I hope you have enjoyed my little tour!
Have a Happy Spring!!!

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