Monday, June 13, 2011


UHMMMMM Just WHOSE Idea was it to paint the ceiling?  Oh yeah, I think it was MINE!!!  What a PAIN!:)  The grooves in the boards have to be filled in AFTER I used the roller!  This may take a while! AND this is just the PRIMER!!!:) YIKES!!!

I hope Ya'll had a great weekend!!  I was away a lot this weekend so I didn't get a chance to paint more plus the HEAT was terrible!!! Our heat index was 112 with high humidity!   So it was just as well to do inside things!

The porch should be completely done today. Josh is here now so I will begin to paint again tomorrow!  The color is ALOT brighter that it shows here so I may have to make some adjustments!  I chose the blue because I am sure that at some point I read SOMEWHERE that the old homes have blue painted porch ceilings to keep away the flies?  Has anyone heard of that?  I can't remember where I read this!
I asked the guy at the paint store and he had never heard that, he said maybe it was "An Old Wives Tale"   sooooo since I AM an Old Wife, I decided to paint it blue anyway!!!
I haven't decided on the wall colors but I am thinking Navajo White by Benjamin Moore!

OK about White Bread!!  I decided today to make White Bread instead of the usual Wheat!!!  I am soooo tired of whole grains:)  I am dreaming of some fresh white bread with a huge slice of tomato and a slice of vidalia onion and fresh basil!!  We have tomatoes but they are not ready yet.  That just says summer to me!!  I can't wait!!   I will savor it on the porch!

I have enjoyed our time together, I hope you have too!!  I have to get back to work!  I am working on some aged fabric covered journals!  I have a few orders to fill, then I will post new journals with new fabrics  on the Picture Trail site!

Have a Happy Day!!


Anonymous said...

So happy to have found your blog today...!!!Have a wonderful day..


Sandi from Daybreak Place said...

Yes, my neighbor told me the same thing about painting a porch ceiling blue! She said flies think it's the sky and don't land! Funny. Keep us posted if it works.