Monday, June 6, 2011

The screened porch Saga!!

Happy Monday!!
Well today is the first day of a new week! It is sooooo hot!  I got out to the porch today around 6:30 and ended up staying there until almost 9:15!! I am reading a great book by Ron Chernow about the life of George Washington!  Since he lived a good bit of his life here it is fun to read how he and his family lived!

Well the porch has been worked on and has some nice tongue and groove siding.
This was left open originally but really didn't look so great so Now it is built in and I really like it!
It helps cooling!  This porch did have 3 open sides which was great, but we added on to the house and now it only has 2 open sides!

So NOW I have to decide how to paint it!  To faux or not to faux!!! Everything in the house almost is a glazed finish or a mural soooooo I am thinking maybe try to make this look like an old porch.  My first thought would be to paint it in layers the sand some off, not sure HOW LONG that would take!

 Rowdy and Charlie love to be on the porch!

My pals are helping me make a decision!  I will make it today and get back to you:)

I hope you all have a safe and happy week!


Anonymous said...

Wow- the porch looks great! Can't wait to see it finished! :) -Kelly

earlyamerica 1815 said...

You certainly have more patience than I do Vicky..."layers" of paint...if you do that, you will be my Hero for sure!!! It looks great, and I can't wait to see it when it is all done!! I did't know you were blogging...this is fun isn't it? Have a wonderful day!! Tina